Tips from Affordable Carpet Cleaning Experts

Carpet Maintenance Tips That Everyone Should Know

Carpets are an excellent addition to almost any property since they can create a sense of comfort and luxury. However, simply installing carpets isn’t enough — you also have to take good care of your floor coverings and make them last for as long as possible. Don’t worry since maintaining your carpets isn’t difficult since there are many simple but effective steps that you can take. Start by calling a company that offers affordable carpet cleaning services and asking them to clean your carpets every six months or so. Through regular cleaning, you’ll ensure that your floor coverings are always free of dust, dirt, and other pollutants and that they look, smell, and feel fresh at all times.

Aside from getting the help of professional carpet cleaners, you can also use the following tips:

Clean up spills ASAP

You should ideally keep liquids away from your carpets but, since life happens, the next best step that you can take is to clean up spills right away. Make sure to use a piece of white cloth to ensure that there won’t be any dyes that will transfer to your carpets. You should also avoid vigorously rubbing the spill to prevent the liquid from seeping deep into the carpet fibers and create permanent stains.

Use the right cleaning products

If you need to remove stains from your carpets, you have to make sure that you’re using the right products. Stay away from dishwashing liquid, which can leave sticky residue on your carpets and cause them to attract more dirt and dust. You should also avoid using bleach, which can easily strip off the dyes from your carpets and make them faded and discolored.

Remember these tips to keep your carpets in excellent condition! If you need additional advice on carpet care, or if you’re still searching for reliable carpet cleaners, don’t hesitate to call Alix House and Carpet Cleaning. We are based in Philadelphia, PA, and we provide professional and affordable carpet cleaning solutions to our customers. Contact us now at (267) 272-0311 and book an appointment with our team today!