Know What Questions to Ask Your Carpet Cleaner

Make Sure to Get the Answers to These Questions

Your carpets give your home a sophisticated feel and have always been a popular choice if people transform their homes. It also adds color to a room, but if it comes to maintaining it, it’s always better to hire a carpet cleaner. Today, carpets come in different types, styles, and designs, and the more expensive ones are designed from high-quality materials that need special cleaning products and solutions to clean and maintain. If you’re about to hire a cleaner, there are a few questions that are worth asking. Below are 3 of the questions that will ensure that you get the best services available to take care of your expensive carpets and rugs!

Do you also carry the needed insurance?

Many people spend a lot of money on buying carpets so there’s no surprise that you’d want to keep them clean and safe at all costs. Your carpet cleaners use high water pressure to get rid of bacteria, dust, and dirt from your carpets. Furthermore, they use different cleaning solutions to make your carpet look as good as new, so make sure to ask the company if they’re insured if they damage your belonging.

What cleaning solutions will you use?

It’s the first question you should ask a carpet cleaner, as well as the cleaning supply and product they’ll use to make your carpet look as good as new. Many companies will use extremely brighteners, chemicals, and detergents for cleaning your carpets that often get rid of the protective coating and leave behind a sticky residue. Often, these chemicals can be dangerous for the health of those around them. In this case, it’s better if the cleaning company makes use of organic compounds.

How long will my carpet take to dry?

Its answer should depend on the cleaning method used by the cleaner. On top of that, their level of training and professionalism are both factors. Your reputable rug cleaner will use hot water extraction cleaning methods done by highly reputable and trained professionals, as well as quality truck-mounted machines. Today, hot water extraction consumes less water and soap, allowing the carpets to be dry in as little as a few hours after cleaning.

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