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If your carpets are starting to look worse for the wear, or your furry friend has had numerous accidents on them, then you are in dire need of the services of a professional and superior carpet cleaning company such as Alix House and Carpet Cleaning. In our questions and answers article below, are details of the services that we provide, and the reasons why our number is the one to call every time.

How is your cleaning company any different from all the others?

Our company opened its doors in 2020, however, we employ experienced service technicians that have scores of jobs under their belts. We took a gamble when we opened and invested in the best industrial cleaning machines, equipment, and range of products, and to date, it has paid us in dividends. Renowned for our integrity, honesty, soft sales, precision to detail, and hard work, we have quickly become the company of choice in the Philadelphia, PA area for carpet cleaning. However, we have more to offer you than just cleaning carpets, and we have provided you with a detailed list further in this article for you to look at.

Will you accept any other payments other than cash?

Unfortunately no, cash is the only payment method that our carpet cleaning service accepts.

Do you provide services to any other areas apart from Philadelphia, PA?

Yes, we cover the following districts:

  • Collingswood Borough, NJ;
  • Woodlynne Borough, NJ;
  • Gloucester, NJ;
  • Audubon Borough, NJ;
  • Mount Ephraim Borough, NJ.

If the job is sizable enough to warrant us traveling further, we may consider it, so call today and ask.

Can you remove any stains?

We would like to say with complete confidence, yes we can. And to date, we have done, but never say never. Even though our products are the best in the business, it will depend on how long you have left the stain to sit, and what caused it in the first place.

What are the opening hours of Alix House and Carpet Cleaning?

Our carpet cleaner service opens from:

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

What is the procedure to receive an estimate, and are they free?

To receive one of our affordable carpet cleaning free estimates, you need to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives. They will come and inspect your carpet to see what is needed in order to restore it back to its original condition, and if any special products are needed to remove stains or pet accidents, when applicable.

Tell me about the other cleaning services that you provide

With pleasure, we offer the following:

Details on these are available on request.

Detailed information on your prices, workmanship, and overall services from past clients is where?

Go to our testimonials page now.

Once you have completed reading this questions and answers post, and you are happy with what you have read, please do not hesitate to call our carpet cleaning company today at (267) 272-0311 for an appointment within our working hours.