Advice from Carpet Cleaning Service Providers

Carpet Care Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Many homeowners spend a lot of time on comparing carpet types, colors, and designs and choosing the ideal floor covering for their property. But, while it’s definitely important to buy the best possible carpets for your house, it shouldn’t stop there! You must also provide the care and maintenance that your carpets need and ensure that they’ll last for a long time. You can start by finding carpet cleaning service providers who can give your floor coverings a professional and thorough clean at least twice a year. With their help, you’ll keep your carpets free of dirt, stains, and more and preserve their beauty and durability for a long time,

Aside from hiring expert carpet cleaners, you’ll also want to identify common carpet care mistakes that can lead to damage and stay away from them as much as possible. We’ve listed some of these blunders below:

Forgetting to vacuum

Just because you have your carpets professionally cleaned biannually doesn’t mean that you can ignore it for the rest of the year! If you want to make your carpets last longer, you must still vacuum it at least once or twice a week to remove dust, dirt, and other pollutants and prevent them from permanently sticking to the carpet fibers.

Cleaning up spills the wrong way

When cleaning up liquids on carpets, a lot of people tend to vigorously rub the spill in an attempt to remove it. However, this is actually a bad idea since using too much elbow grease can force the liquid deeper into the carpet fibers, which will eventually lead to permanent stains and even create an area that’s conducive to mold growth.

Avoid these carpet maintenance blunders to keep your floor coverings in excellent condition and make them last longer! If you’d like to get more tips, or if you are still searching for carpet cleaning companies, don’t hesitate to reach out to Alix House and Carpet Cleaning. We offer a world-class carpet cleaning service to property owners in Philadelphia, PA, and our team has the skills and equipment to keep your floor coverings spotless and pristine. Dial (267) 272-0311 now to know more about our professional solutions and book an appointment with our team!