Advice from Carpet Cleaning Service Providers

Why You Shouldn’t Believe These Carpet Maintenance Myths

As a trusted carpet cleaning service provider, we have talked with many property owners who need help with cleaning their floor coverings or are simply curious about what we do. Through our conversations, we’ve discovered that a lot of people have misconceptions about the carpet maintenance process. Here are some of the carpet care myths that you shouldn’t believe:

Myth #1: Too much cleaning can damage your carpets.

There’s a prevailing belief that overcleaning can make carpets weak and brittle. However, this isn’t really true! In fact, if you won’t make carpet cleaning a habit, your floor coverings will accumulate a ton of dust and dirt, which can have an abrasive effect on carpet fibers and accelerate the wear and tear process. As long as the right techniques and tools are used, regular cleaning can actually extend the lifespan of your carpets and keep them beautiful for many years.

Myth #2: All cleaning products are effective on carpets.

Just because a cleaning product works great on other surfaces doesn’t automatically mean that it will do wonders for your carpets. Bleach, for example, might seem like a great option for dirty, grungy-looking carpets, but it’s actually a no-no since it can strip off carpet dyes and leave your floor coverings faded and discolored. Dishwashing liquid, meanwhile, can leave a sticky residue on carpets, causing them to attract even more dirt and become more difficult to clean. So, before using any cleaning product, you should do some research on their effects on carpets and consult carpet maintenance experts to ensure that you’re using the right products.

Don’t let these myths prevent you from providing the care and attention that your carpets need! If you’d like to get more tips on carpet care, or if you’re looking for experts who can give your carpets a good clean, don’t hesitate to call Alix House and Carpet Cleaning. We provide a reliable and high-quality carpet cleaning service to property owners in Philadelphia, PA, and we can help you preserve the condition and appearance of your floor coverings. Get in touch with our team now at (267) 272-0311 and schedule an appointment with us!