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The Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Philadelphia, PA

If you require professional apartment carpet cleaning or window washing solutions, our company can help you with your situation. We also provide comprehensive house cleaning services for the specific needs of our customers. Serving clients in Philadelphia, PA, we can handle jobs of all sizes and meet your unique requirements. With Alix House and Carpet Cleaning, you will enjoy outstanding results regardless of the tasks you have for our team.

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning
When you require outstanding cleaning services for the carpets on your property, give us a call! Our professionals know how to deliver affordable and convenient solutions for the specific needs of our customers and utilize various cleaning methods and products. We use the perfect approach to deep clean the fibers and will ensure every carpet is clean and fresh. Count on us to work with care and achieve impeccable results that will exceed your expectations. With us, you can get effective cleaning solutions for all types of carpets.
House Cleaning
You can hire us whenever you need superb house cleaning services. Our team can handle any general cleaning task and will deliver results that will impress you. Our cleaning services are effective, affordable, and convenient and will save you time from having to do home cleaning work by yourself. Instead, our professional cleaners will clean every part of your home for you. They will do all the wiping, dusting, sweeping, and cleaning work for you and can even present you with many different options for your consideration.

Window Washing

Window Washing
We provide excellent window washing services for both the interior and exterior parts of your windows. Using industry-specific cleaning products and tools, we will achieve exceptional results and ensure your windows are perfectly clean. Our service includes cleaning for both the screens and tracks of your windows, and we pride ourselves on providing our service at rates that our customers appreciate. Choose our company for your window washing needs, and you will receive superb services every time. Contact us today!

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Us?

Dedicated to its customers and working at competitive rates, Alix House and Carpet Cleaning has been serving the local community since 2020, delivering solutions that epitomize all modern standards. We do it all, from superior carpet cleaning to window washing and house cleaning work. Our goal is to help our customers facilitate a sanitary environment on their property. Call us for a quick consultation! We will answer all your questions.

What Do We Do?

We use professional-grade equipment for our work and strive to deliver affordable carpet cleaning, window washing, and house cleaning services that will ensure the satisfaction of our customers. To achieve impeccable results, our specialists use high-quality products and pay attention to every small detail. They will work closely with you and follow any schedule you have in mind. All you have to do is call. Our team will handle the rest.

We Serve the Surrounding Areas!

As any flexible carpet cleaner, we work with clients from around the region, including the areas:

  • Woodlynne Borough, NJ
  • Collingswood Borough, NJ
  • Gloucester, NJ
  • Audubon Borough, NJ
  • Mount Ephraim Borough, NJ

If you have a property in Philadelphia, PA and need an excellent carpet cleaning service, our company is the perfect choice for you. Call us today to learn more!

Client’s Testimonial

Jul 9, 2021
by Jeremy Foster on Alix House and Carpet Cleaning

I hired this company to clean every carpet in my house, and I am impressed. I want to recommend the affordable carpet cleaning services of these specialists to anyone who needs them. They are skilled and very punctual.

Reginald Johnston
Reginald Johnston
I’m so happy to have found you! You guys are amazing! I was beyond impressed with your apartment carpet cleaning service and am looking forward to having my carpets cleaned again. You made my whole apartment smell nice again, and now I can feel confident that it won’t be stained for months or years to come.
Imannh Jkherry
Imannh Jkherry
Great service! I've been using this affordable carpet cleaning service for a few months now and I'm very happy with it. I really like how they come to my house, they are very clean and they do a great job every time.
Bryleigh Raines
Bryleigh Raines
We're thrilled with the results of our carpet cleaning service! It's been two weeks now and we've had no issues with any of the spots or stains that were there before. The house looks better than we could have imagined, and our family has even commented on how much happier they feel. And it's nice knowing that we did a good job for them. We want to thank you for all your help, and we can't wait to see what happens next!
Olly Clark
Olly Clark
We were very pleased with the service we received from Alix House and Carpet Cleaning. The technician arrived on time, was professional and friendly, and did a great job cleaning our carpets. We would happily use this carpet cleaner again in the future!

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